Friday, November 25, 2016

#PizzaGate Controversy: Hidden email?

According to sources on Twitter, Comet Pizza's email system has 110 users.

Now why on earth does a small pizza parlor in Washington D.C. need to host 110 email addresses?

There is simply no rational explanation for this, except that there is something shady going on here.

I initially thought that #PizzaGate was mostly bullshit, but this recent revelation proves otherwise.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Recount Hypocrisy

Remember, before the election, when the mainstream media and Leftists were harping about how questioning the election results was "undemocratic"?

Apparently, that only applied if Trump lost.

According to NBC News, Jill Stein is sponsoring recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
Green Party nominee Jill Stein appeared to have met her initial fundraising goal early Thursday for recounts of the vote in three key swing states that went to Donald Trump — Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
Stein did not cite any specific instances of alleged voter fraud, either. She only named "hacking", one of the Left's common boogeymen, as a concern.
The Green Party didn't single out any specific evidence of fraud, nor does it need proof of irregularities to call for a recount. Stein's party won only 1 percent of the vote.
"After a divisive and painful presidential race, reported hacks into voter and party databases and individual email accounts are causing many Americans to wonder if our election results are reliable," Stein said Wednesday. "These concerns need to be investigated before the 2016 presidential election is certified. We deserve elections we can trust.
Why is the Left not up in arms about this? Based on their earlier reasoning, this is questioning the democratic process, and extremely unpatriotic.

But they aren't. Most are ambivalent about it, and some are even supportive of it.

This is blatant hypocrisy, and it shows that the Left knows no principles.