Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hillary & The Media

Had I seen some of the events unfolding in this election cycle two years ago, I would've had a stroke. I used to believe that TV shows like Veep, Braindead, and House of Cards were parodies of the inner workings of government.

But I was wrong. Dead wrong. The reality of Beltway politics is much, much worse, and Hillary Clinton is the star of the show.

From threatening to "drone" Julian Assange to provoking Russia of the Ukraine and Syria, Hillary and her cabal of corruption have done many horrible things, and the John Podesta emails released by Wikileaks have shed new light onto them.

Many of these emails are mundane accounts of day-to-day operations, but a few have shown the unethical practices and outright cheating committed by the Clinton campaign, from joking about her commission of Federal felonies, to receiving primary debate questions ahead of time. She even facilitated the rigging of Democratic primaries over email.

How much media coverage did all of this get? None. All they're doing is running Donald Trump's garish (but perfectly acceptable) comments on loop, and clutching their collective pearls over it.

Combining this with the fact that Hillary lets the press fly with her on the Clinton campaign jet leads me to believe that there is collusion between Clinton and the press, and emails released by Wikileaks indicate there is. Here's a snippet from an email exchange over a WSJ article:
Ran the quote past HRC and she asked (with no prompting) that “average” come out. So here’s what I shipped off to Peter Nicholas at the Journal. AS for the NYT, looks like it won’t run for a few days if not next Sunday, so will circle back on that as it develops.
 And here's more from a discussion over a New York Times article in the same thread:
I think this piece turned out well. But when we define our goals, we have to be clear that we are concerned with helping people who are getting crushed by rising costs and stagnant incomes, not that we're worried about offending high income groups (our donors). My guess is that this sentence will cause us some problems on the left. One of Mrs. Clinton’s broader goals is to develop ways to address economic anxiety without sounding like a combative populist or demonizing high-income groups, said a person familiar with her thinking.
This is unprecedented. This is why I don't trust the media anymore.

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